99 Designs A website that focuses on Graphic Design and Packaging competitions, they are one of the first companies to organize outsourcing innovation contests, prizes are median, competition is usually high. Competitions usually organized by start ups or small companies.
Crowdspring Graphic Design and Packaging competitions organized by SMEs, the competition is usually high but the awards are median.
Mycroburst Outsourcing design contest mostly based on graphics, identity, packaging and web design. Competition is very high, payments are average but the platform is reliable.
Designcontest DesignContest is a website where you could organize a design contest for logo design, website design, t-shirt design and banners and such. They offer 100% money back guarantee.
Jovoto Jovoto is an online platform for crowdsourcing ideas and design, especially for bigger brands. Prize money is higher and you usually design for international brands and NGOs.
Designcrowd Graphic Design and Packaging Design competitions, competition is high, awards are low but it is a reliable platform.
Ad Tournament Outsourcing Design Contests in a variety of categories, mostly focused on Graphics Design
Hatchwise Hatchwise is a design competitino platform for organizing a design competition. Designers can join with their ideas and submit designs for projects.
Pimtim Pimtim is a design contest platform where companies can organize small design contests for logo and graphics designs, competition is low.
Sribu Scribu is yet another design contest platform, originating from Indonesia, they are indeed doing a good job. The contests range from logo design to stationery and naming, and designers can make some handsome money. Competition is low.
Choosa With wide range of Categories available, Choosa is a design competition and crowdsourcing platform to organize design competitions and contests, designers can compete for logo, stationery and web page designs and more.
Shicon Shicon is an online competition platform with a slightly more orientation to industrial design. Originating from italy they organize competitions for brands which designers can participate for prizes. Competition is low.
Desall Desall is a platform to organize design competitions, competitions could be organized single step or in multiple steps to get a concept idea into a final product with also naming and packaging. Unlike other contest platforms focus more on non-graphic fields such as interior or product design.
Bestcreativity Graphics and Logo Design competitions organized for other companies, competition is somehow median, awards are low. Entrants are usually small or medium enterprises. Available in many languages.
Prizes A platform where companies could create contests and ask for innovative ideas in a variety of design fields but usually focused on graphics design.
Zooppa Advertisement Competitions where participants are asked to design for companies, usually high end brands are involved.
Springleap T-Shirt Design and Poster Contests that keeps going and going, winners always realized.
Ideaken Collaborative Innovation Platform where designers are asked to provide a solution to a challange.
Behance Competitions Variety of different competitions organized by Behance for bigger brands, participation and awards are usually high, industrial design competitions and graphic competitions are popular.
Teetonic Non stop design competitions for T-shirts only, realization possibilities for winners, public voting for entries.
Logo Contests A platform where you can join logo contests organized by other companies, awards are low, competition is kind of medium.
Worth 1000 Worth 1000 is a place to show off rather than earn money, as there are superb designers competing, usually for free categories because they just like doing so. However, they also organize design competitions and designers can make money by joining the contests.
Spoonflower Spoonflower organizes especially weekly fabric design contests where designers can join with their artworks. Most of them will be realized. High competition.
Fiverr Fiverr is a unique platform where people compete for things to do for 5 bucks. You can request things to be done, or do things for others and earn 5 bucks thats it.
Minted Minted contests for paper based design such as wedding invitations etc, very focused on the subject, awards can sometimes be good enough median competition.
Elance Design Tenders and Freelance Jobs for designers, various type of jobs available for people to participate for.
Designboom Competitions Industrial Design Competitions, usually there is a very large number of submissions which results your entry to be considered very fast, the awards are usually high and they organize competitions for large companies and corporations.
Logomyway LogoMyWay is a website to organize logo design competitions. The competition is usually high, but the prizes are also higher than average.
Astada Astada is a logo competition website where designers can join various logo design contests and compete for prizes. The competition is low.
Logo Tournament As the name suggests, the Logo Tournament is a place to organize logo design competitions only, and also for designers to join these competitions.
Guru Guru is another freelancer portal, they feature a creative arts section where designers can create a profile and submit bids for projects.
Logo Arena Focused more for logo design, the logo arena is a crowd-sourcing platform to organize and join design contests.
Challenge Future Challenge Future organizes quick challenges, contests and competitions for crowdsourcing ideas especially from a younger audience.
48hourslogo 48HoursLogo is a logo competition platform where designers can join existing design competitions for logo designs. Competition is low.
Design Outpost Graphic Design Forum where users can join a variety of competitions organized by companies and other users. Awards are not usually high, and the website is poorly designed.
Logo Outpost Logo Design competitions organized by other small companies, very low prizes and median competition.
Template Outpost Website Templates competitions with low competition, and low awards for designers.
Wiligo Wiligo is a French logo competition platform. Payouts are large and the competition is less.
Scriptlance Scriptlance is a freelance portal to find work for freelancers, they also offer design jobs and competitions.
Freelancer Freelancer is a freelance portal to find freelancers and also for freelancers to find work, they also offer a lot of design related works and categories.
Elance Elance is another freelance platform where companies can post projects and get bids from freelancers. Offers a section also for designers to compete.
Freelance Switch Freelance Switch is a website for freelancers to find jobs and bid on projects. They also feature a design section where designers can participate.

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